Currently we are developing a new website to coincide with our new products, services and pricing. Gasification Australia is a pioneering company in this field and has now been operating for over 7 years. The new website will showcase our extensive technical expertise and the gasification products we have developed for the future of bioenergy and landscape restoration.

Our Vision
Gasification Australia Pty. Ltd. is dedicated to promoting the growing alternative to fossil fuels. Our vision is for a world where sustainable energy production meets responsible energy use; where biomass is valued for its contribution to the environment and to a secure renewable energy supply mix with local and global reach.

Our Expertise
Our Current Manufactured Products
Currently we are manufacturing the Tasman Class 15kWe and Pacific Class 30kWe gasifiers. The focus of the Tasman and Pacific Class was to create a robust, high-performance gasifier for domestic or commercial demands, reliable but also sufficiently simple for use in developing countries.

We are currently changing our manufacturing approach in order to provide more cost-effective products to a global market. If interested please contact us for more information on our products and new prices.

Our Manufactured Products Under Development
Currently we are developing an exciting new gasifier designed to be a small, portable and a robust complete wood powered energy system running typical small electric power generators. It is designed to be easy to clean and service and will be relatively inexpensive. It will also be designed to exploit the thermal energy developed in many other ways. We are very excited about this new product and we are near to finalising its release. If interested please inquire and we will put you on our email list.

Gasification Australia consults under the name of Landscape Energy T/A.
We can assist with all engineering and testing facets of thermal processes including gasification (downdraft and fluidized bed), combustion and pyrolysis, and relevant solid fuel property testing. In recent years, we have built up extensive expertise in the field of pyrolysis and have been involved with the design and development of two commercial bio-char units within Australia.
We also offer consultation on a full range of technical bio-energy services including techno–economic assessments, onsite energy efficiency and embedded energy options, resource assessments plus implementation of renewable energy projects. We can now also provide carbon benefit and liability assessments within Australia.
Please contact us to see how we may assist.

Contact Us
John Sanderson

[B.Eng (Chem), Ph.D.] Company Director - Engineering

m: +(61) 439 654 249   e:

Mark Feltrin
[Dip. Natural Resource Management] Company Director - Resource Management

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